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We do not and will never allow any of our hamsters to be rehomed for breeding purposes. The animals in our care have been through traumatic circumstances and have an unknown history. Upon adopting from us you will sign a contract that specifically outlines the above.

Adoption Process -

Firstly you see a beautiful hamster here that you wish to take home - GREAT! Let's walk you through what happens next. 

* Before adopting you will need to fill out a questionnaire, this is not a test of you however it gives us an idea of whether or not a hamster will fit in with your family and lifestyle. If you wish to receive one of these then please contact us via email. Please note that we have lots of information on our hamster care page, it doesn't hurt to read up first.

* We will then need to see your accommodation. We will not rehome on the basis that you are going to buy a cage after the hamster is with you. We can reserve the hamster for you until your cage arrives.

* Assuming all goes well we will then arrange a convenient time for collection or for us to drop the ham to you. Please note that as we are a small non-profit organisation we will need our petrol costs covered. Otherwise this cuts into the budget for other needy hams!

* YAY, you have your newest family member. All that we ask now is that we get one update from you, six weeks down the line. Obviously we never say no to cute hammy pictures whenever they come our way though! 

We offer life time backup for any hamster that leaves our care. If you ever need advice or for some reason can no longer care for the hamster then we will always take them back, with no exceptions. 

Please note -

Upon adopting from us you will need to sign an adoption contract. If you wish to view one of these don't hesitate to get in touch.