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Item or monetary donations are greatly appreciated. This allows us to concentrate our owns funds to the vet account which is extremely important. Donations to Potty4hams are strictly used for the rescue! Please contact us if you wish to donate. 

Thank you in advance to anyone for their generosity.

- Emily and the Hamsters.

Potty4hams rescue is a small scale, home run rescue based in Stoke-on-Trent. The rescue first opened in January 2013 and has since helped many hamsters not only locally but across England, where small animals have been taken in, rehabilitated and rehomed. With your help we can all better the lives of hamsters throughout the country by not only supporting rescues but also making people more aware of correct hamster care which is contrary to much of the commonly known information given out in pet stores. Please spread the word and consider a rescue ham as this not only gives a gorgeous animal a second chance but frees up space for others in need. Whilst rescuing you can be sure of the hamsters nature and temperament as well as any illness that the animal may have suffered - something that you can not guess from a pet shop ham!

The rescue rehomes cross country if the correct homes are found and transport is available. We are happy to help with transport within 60 miles of the rescue and mainly cater for the West Midlands and North West of England. If you are interested in any of the hamsters on the site or our facebook page please do not hesitate to contact us.

~ Thank you for visting our site.

Former Residents

- 2015 - 

All of these gorgeous hammies have found their forever homes.